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This project is in open source non-profit development. Any files can be taken, used, or sold without penalty. The purpose if Kormic is to provide a learning experience for all software developers while still producing a useful application to contribute to this technology driven world.

What is Kormic Cash Registers?

Kormic Cash Registers is a windows application created in WPF (C# and XAML) that can be easily run on any windows operating system and connected to a secure MYSQL database (SQL). The program should be secure, safe, user friendly, and easy to distribute.

How is it being developed?

There will be four main layers for development: presentation layer, business layer, data access layer, database layer.

The presentation layer will be developed on the XAML side of WPF to provide our user interface. The user will interact with this layer. This includes all visuals, graphics, buttons, text boxes, etc.

The business layer will be developed on the C# side of WPF and will be the brains of the application. There is where the functionality lies, the most important part.

The data access layer will be able to talk to the database and send/receive information to/from it. This will also be made in C# and only the business layer will have access to it.

The database will be developed on a MYSQL server in SQL. This is where all information that needs to be shared or recorded will be stored.

The presentation, business, and data access layers will be developed with Microsoft Visual Studio. The database will be developed with SQL Management Studio. All files and projects will be shared over Git. Some other helpful programs for development include Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Visio.

If you are interested in joining this project, just send an invite! We are open to anyone who want to learn or contribute something! Nobody has to be dedicated or passionate to bring something to the table that will be helpful and appreciated, although we are looking for those people. All changes must be approved by an overseer before they can be put on the published version. It would be nice to have testers, but at this point, everyone will have to test their own work and send proof of their successful tests.

Let the coding begin!

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